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OPTIMA WORLDWIDE GROUP PLC                                                           NASDAQ FIRST NORTH, COPENHAGEN               TICKER:  OWGB FOR RELEASE  13 NOVEMBER 2017 ISSUE OF SERIES D BONDS ISIN GB00BY7S2204
The Board would like to announce that in the month ended 12 November 2017, the Company has issued no further Series D bonds. The total number of Series D bonds in issue is now 9,586,069 bonds of nominal value £1 each   THE DIRECTORS OF OPTIMA WORLDWIDE GROUP PLC ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS ANNOUNCEMENT  Optima Worldwide Group PLC is the Parent company for the Group. The Group is engaged in the provision of financial and related professional services and holds investments in a number of companies, the principal operating subsidiary being Brandon Hill Capital, which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) Further information may be found at the Company’s website:  Company contact details: (0) 844 997 2082  Certified Adviser: Keswick Global 1 740 408045

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