Market Leaders in Global Capital Markets

OWG is an integrated, holistic, financial services group that specialises in providing bespoke opportunities and solutions for companies, the public sector, family offices and high net worth individuals, operating on an international basis; OWG is ideally placed to provide added value and understanding to the deal chain, within a complete global structure.

OWG was founded to create an efficient means of encapsulating global investment opportunities on behalf of its clients, shareholders, partners and associates. We have a portfolio of investments in mainstream and emerging economies around the globe and are well placed to make informed investment decisions across a variety of environments.

Our Group

The OWG Group of companies include asset management, merchant banking, security, natural resources and agricultural sectors as well as providing professional services and advice, to Governments, Companies and select individuals in the UK, Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

Our Mission

  • To provide unrivalled professional services to SME’s, the public sector and high net worth individuals through a holistic professional group of companies

  • To serve our clients’ needs in the most professional and robust manner possible

  • To ensure we develop and maintain a strong UK professional services platform

  • To maximise commercial opportunities for our clients in emerging markets

  • To offer an exclusive and invaluable service in assisting clients to successfully set up and establish their business credentials in a challenging, fast paced and constantly evolving global environment

Our Values

The Client is First

Our professional integrity and highest standards of service will build enduring relationships with our clients – we believe in attaining their trust and confidence above everything else.

Building Long Term Relationships

Our philosophy is built around respect for those we work for and those we work with. The international nature of our business ensures we value the cultural diversity of our clients and colleagues. We therefore seek long term relationships that are in no way constrained by short term thinking.

Excellence in Our DNA

Our ideas are of the highest quality. We ensure we provide trusted advice, judgement and standards that are executed in a flawless and seamless manner.

Independence and Integrity

We think independently and we act independently. We exhibit integrity in all our work and this manifests itself through our colleagues, clients and communities.

Our People

We are a trusted adviser to many families, individuals, companies and governments internationally. We therefore invest significantly in developing a world-class delivery team.

The team we build will strive to create a unique culture that encourages the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Our team is from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences. This diversity enables us to consider all angles, and deliver the best possible solution for our clients whatever their financial goal, and wherever they are situated.

Our team will work as one irrespective of their location in the world. Each individual is a vital link in our unique business focus, contributing to our Group’s collective product and sector expertise and business contacts which are deployed to the sole benefit of our clients.

Our Community

Giving back and supporting efforts to the wider community and environment is at the very heart of our ethos and culture.

Neal Griffith


Neal Griffith started off his early career working in the City of London for Merchant Bank SG Warburg, where he gained a great deal of experience in the financial markets. In addition, Neal has had a wide business experience covering a number of different business sectors as both an investor and owner of companies and more recently in the corporate recovery and insolvency areas.